Born in the Philippines, but raised in California, Andromeda Salvador Tang was just 5 years old when she first experienced the wonders of art. Drawing on the walls of her parents’ house, etching on the inside walls of her father's old Ford Pinto – a trouble maker it seems, but little did her parents know that she was a budding artist. She shared a similar passion with her father, whose architectural drawings and drafts served as one of her earliest exposures to the world of art and design. Admiring her father’s creativity and skills in both drawing and painting with watercolor, Andromeda continued to show a strong interest in art as she grew up.

            Andromeda became even more inspired when she went to high school, whereupon seeing Frida Kahlo's artwork, she became fascinated by the idea of art expressing her life, pain, and feelings. Discovering that there was a therapeutic aspect to art, she immersed herself into art to get her through some of the most difficult times of her life. When words were not enough to express herself, Andromeda would let her art speak and communicate her thoughts and feelings.

            Discovering her true passion, Andromeda decided to pursue art as a major during her years at Occidental College, receiving a Bachelor's of Art in Art History and Studio Art with an Emphasis in Painting and Drawing. One of her most memorable experiences was having the opportunity to study abroad in Rome, Italy for a semester during her junior year. She was able to explore and learn more about the Classical and Renaissance Italian Art. During her time in college, Andromeda experienced and learned how to use a wide range of mediums, taking a specific preference in the use of oil paint. Oil paint gave her the flexibility and the time she needed to work at her own pace. 

            After graduating from Occidental College, Andromeda worked for USC Annenberg School Center for the Digital Future, where she was given the chance to use her artistic background for designing the covers of their annual US and international reports. She was also responsible for designing any graphics related projects for their research group. It was during her time at the Digital Center, that she realized just how important it was for her to continue learning digital media and graphic design. She knew that in order to continue improving as an artist, she also had to keep up with technology. With the support and encouragement of her husband, she pursued and achieved a certificate and an Associate’s degree in Digital and Web Design at Citrus College.

            Looking forward to a future with exciting possibilities, Andromeda then faced the unfortunate and unexpected news of a breast cancer diagnosis. Caught in a rollercoaster of emotions, she desired to seize these uncertain moments of her life and use them as a source of inspiration. Upon this new journey, she rediscovered her deep fascination and interest in the art of calligraphy. Andromeda continues to practice calligraphy as a form of therapy that has provided her with a sense of joy, peace, and serenity.

           Currently, Andromeda is freelancing as a graphic designer and calligrapher, with a focus on weddings and special events. She values milestones that come once in a lifetime and aims to reflect this through her work. Whether it is the biggest or smallest of details, she will focus all of her energy to create beautiful and everlasting memories that she hopes her clients can cherish forever.